Design To Dine Inc.


Design To Dine Inc. provides a variety of hospitality related services. All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A project may take only a phone consultation or it may require a budgeted plan for a multi unit roll out. We can take any project from concept to customer. Design To Dine Inc. has the experience and the people to get the job done on concept, on budget, on time. 


  • Location searches
  • Market Research
  • Landlord negotiations
  • Current operation assessments
  • Business Plans 
  • Marketing Plans
  • Menu creation and costing
  • Construction coordination
  • On site supervision of trades
  • Materials handling and storage


  • Equipment Sourcing and Installation
  • Ventilation and commercial cooking
  • Permit application and inspections
  • AGCO applications and compliance
  • Health department inspections and compliance
  • Fire department inspections and compliance
  • PPSA and security assessments
  • DVR system installations
  • POS system installations
  • Audio, Video and effects installation


Success is achieved through supervision.

A project supervisor is the backbone of a construction project. Supervisors are responsible for maintaining the daily performance goals of the project's workers. Supervisors coordinate work efforts and ensure activities are sequenced correctly. Typically, a supervisor does not actually perform any construction himself but is in charge of validating work performed by others. A supervisor must be versed in various construction trades so that he may accurately inspect and evaluate the multiple scope elements on a project.

A project supervisor has a wide array of job responsibilities. These responsibilities change from day to day depending on the progress of the project and unforeseen events. Some typical duties include evaluating workmanship and quality, ensuring the project schedule is being met, reviewing any plan discrepancies in the field, coordinating activities between subcontractors and resolving any disputes which may arise on the job site. A supervisor must be ready to take on unique challenges daily, with the responsibility of keeping a project on schedule and in budget.

Direct Design To Dine Responsibilities.
Provide supervision and direction for all personnel on the job site or in the shop.

Coordinate sub contractors, provide direction and inspect all work performed on the site.

Coordinate with sub contractors in the field or at their place of business.

Work with landlords and property managers to provide a safe, efficient and secure site.

Prepare and meet with the inspectors from municipal building, fire and health units for compliance.

Provide access and storage for all materials, supplies and tools required for the project.

Coordinate all permits and permission to construct and sign offs during the project.

Provide material selection, labor delivery and tool pick up for the project.

Work with designers, engineers, and architects to ensure the project is on concept and design.

Work with the owners to ensure the project is on budget.






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